Chris J. Faria

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    Male / Massachusetts
  • Ethnicity
    Age Range
    21 - 31
    5' 10" (1m 80cm)
    194lb (88kg)
    Hair Colour
    Eye Colour
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YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2019 - 2020Lead (Mike)
Film (Feature)
Walk Away
Matthew Nash and Jason Egan
454 Productions
2018 - 2020Lead (Suspect)
Film (Short)
Femme Fatale (nominated for Best Noir Short at the 2019 Genre Celebration Festival, official semi-finalist at the 2019 LA Crime and Horror Film Festival and premiered at the 2019 Grand Teton Film Festival)
Porter Justus
Gatekeeper Motion Pictures
2018 - 2020Supporting (Unknown Person)
Film (Feature)
You & Him & Me
John Reaves and Eric Gilkey
GRR Productions
2018 - 2020Supporting (College Student)
Film (Docu)
The New Breed
Pete Williams
Stay Gold Studios and Life Is My Movie
2016 - 2020Cameo (Arcade-goer)
Film (Feature)
Dave Zagorski
MAD Z Productions
2016 - 2020Cameo (Patient)
Stranger Perception
Debra Leigh Siegel
Shoot the Moon Films
2018 - 2019Lead (Gareth)
Film (Student)
The Editor
Paul Pierantozzi
Emerson College Intermediate Film Production
2019Lead (Character #1)
Film (Student)
Final Project
Alexander Urbanak
Emerson College Directing Image and Sound
2018 - 2019Lead (Jake)
Film (Short)
Made In China (nominated for Best of Fest Student category at the 2019 Bare Bones International Film Festival)
Alex Berger
University of Rhode Island Kingston Independent Study
Film (Student)
Split Lens (Trailer)
Kathleen Foley
UMass Amherst Advanced Video Production
2019Supporting (Josh Simmons)
Film (Student)
A Man's Life
Justine Mirek
University of Rhode Island Kingston BFA Thesis
2019Lead (Leo), Supporting (Jimmy)
Rehearsed Reading
The Wake (Stage Reading ONLY)
Joe Guarneri
2016 - 2019Lead (Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow)
Film (Short)
An Intern's First Night in Arkham [Working Title]
Chris J. Faria
Cyber-Troupe Studios
2018 - 2019Cameo (Football Player)
Film (Short)
A Few Activities
Abigail Horton
New Media Ltd., Paul Horton Visuals and All Of Them Witches
2017 - 2019Supporting (Manager)
Film (Student)
Foustene Fortenbach
Emerson College BFA Thesis
2016 - 2019Supporting (Ken)
Film (Short)
Mirage (winner of the Fall 2016 UMass Amherst 48-Hour Film Festival)
Chris J. Faria
Cyber-Troupe Studios
2019Supporting (Fan)
Film (Short)
Press F for Fame
Aaron Vernon VonStroheimer Olson
Backyard Productions
2018 - 2019Cameo (Waiter)
Film (Short)
Wise Gals
Anna Remus
Ribelle Films
2017 - 2019Supporting (Punk)
Film (Student)
Barry: The Making of an American Icon (recognized at the 2018 Best Shorts Competition, screened at Art All Night - Trenton 2018, honorable-mentioned at the Spring 2018 London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival)
Joan Hathaway
Harvard University
2017 - 2019Cameo (Husband)
Film (Short)
Better Dead Than Red
Jessica Green and Larry Daggett
New Tune Entertainment
2018 - 2019Voice (George Taylor, Thud "Taylor")
Film (Short)
Thud (screened at the December 2018 Cocktails & Screens Short Film Showcase and the December 2018 Boston Open Screen)
Chris J. Faria
Cyber-Troupe Studios
2017 - 2019Voice (News Anchor)
Film (Short)
The Foreboding [Working Title] (screened at the February 2018 Rhodywood: Film Critique Night event)
Chris J. Faria
Cyber-Troupe Studios
2019Principal (Kozo Player)
Winning Moves Games - Kozo Commercial
John Mosetich
HeartWorks Productions
2016 - 2019Cameo
Film (Short)
Pokémon... Go Away [Working Title]
Chris J. Faria
Cyber-Troupe Studios
2018 - 2019Featured (German Soldier)
Film (Feature)
Tate Taylor
Freckle Films and Voltage Pictures
2018 - 2019Extra (Townsperson, Theatre-goer)
Film (Feature)
Little Women
Greta Gerwig
Columbia Pictures, Regency Enterprises, Di Novi Pictures, Pascal Pictures, New Regency Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment
2018 - 2019Extra (Party-goer)
NOS4A2AMC Studios and The Tornante Company
2018 - 2019Extra (Young Adult)
The SocietyT.B.D.
2018 - 2019Extra (Bar Patron)
Film (Feature)
Max Winkler
Romulus Entertainment and Scott Free Productions
2016 - 2019Extra (Beach-goer)
Film (Feature)
Altar Rock
Andrzej Bartkowiak
Moody Independent and Productivity Media
2018 - 2019Extra (Restaurant-goer, Bystander)
City on a Hill
Michael Cuesta
Pearl Street Films
2018Lead (James Bush)
Film (Student)
The Franklin Project (selected for the 2018 401 Film Festival)
Liam Newberry
Beacon Charter Capstone
2018Lead (Budzyk)
Film (Short)
The Red Skiff
Dawn Stockbridge Epstein
Zizzia, Inc.
2018Lead (Ronald)
Film (Student)
Kyle Scarselli
Emerson College Directing Image and Sound
2018Lead (Will)
Film (Student)
The Fortune Teller
Allison Nguyen
Emerson College Directing Image and Sound
2018Lead (Bernie)
Film (Student)
Spill Center
Michael Ventura
Emerson College Basic Cinematography
2018Lead (Serial Killer)
Film (Student)
Madison Laughlin
Emerson College Directing Image and Sound
2017 - 2018Lead (Charlie Graham)
Film (Short)
Rodrigo Santos
Media-Bot Films
2017 - 2018Lead (Mortimer)
Film (Student)
Lives of the Artists
Sabrina Combs
Emerson College Advanced Cinematography and Videography Production
2018Lead (Alister)
Film (Student)
Missing You
Callie (Ash) Vilandre
Beacon Charter Capstone
2018Series Regular (Officer Yaeger)
There's Something Strange About Brickle Woods (Teaser ONLY)
Theo de Palma
Emerson College
2018Guest Star (Kevin)
Now I'm Confused (Episode 0102: "CAMERA CAMERA, HATER HATER!")
Matthew Collins
Houzman Productions in conjunction with Cause & Affect Media
2018Supporting (Casting Director)
Film (Student)
Asian Enough
Stephanie Chi Yun Lun
Boston University Line Producing for Undergrads
2017 - 2018Supporting (Boyfriend)
Film (Short)
The One That Got Away (screened at the 2018 Park City Underground Cinema Short-Shorts Project)
Russ D. Martin
Enormity Pictures
2016 - 2018Supporting (Leo)
Film (Short)
Sophia's Music Room (selected for the 2018 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival and the 2018 Palante Film Festival)
Jose Negron, Jr.
Noir Wolves Productions
2017 - 2018Supporting (Able)
Film (Student)
Dimitri Ashby
University of Rhode Island Kingston Advanced Narrative Production
2016 - 2018Cameo (Zombie)
Film (Short)
Blood Highway
Joseph Dwyer
Auspicious Phoenix Productions
2017 - 2018Supporting (Student)
Film (Short)
Ashley Smith
2018Supporting (Client)
Online / Digital
Stories in Motion - Promo Video
Chris Esper
Stories in Motion
2018Featured (Couch Mover)
Ascensus: CollegeBound Saver - Rhode Island’s 529 Education Savings Plan
Mike Pecci
Wanderlust Content, Inc.
2018Extra (Restaurant-goer)
Katie Fforde: Wachgekusst (a.k.a. Katie Fforde: Kissed Awake)
Frauke Thielecke
2017 - 2018Extra (Juniper Hill Psychiatric Hospital Doctor)
Castle Rock
Kevin Hooks
Bad Robot Productions, Old Curiosity Shop and Darkbloom Productions
2016 - 2018Extra (Concert-goer)
Film (Feature)
The Polka King
Maya Forbes
Red Hour Productions, Electric Dynamite, Permut Presentations and ShivHans Pictures
2017Lead (Albert)
Film (Student)
Corn Husk
Zining Wang
Emerson College BFA Thesis
2017Lead (Tom)
Film (Student)
The Other Guy
Alex Berger
University of Rhode Island Kingston Introduction to Film Media Production Technologies
2017Lead (Miles)
Film (Student)
Life of a Prosecutor (special-mentioned at the 2017 One-Reeler Short Film Competition)
Graham Abraham
Northeast Productions/Harvard University Making the Short Film: Innovations and Practices for the Digital Age
2017Lead (Jake)
Film (Short)
Dave Zagorski
MAD Z Productions
2017Lead (Young Man)
Film (Student)
Haochen Yang
Emerson College Fiction Film Directing
2017Lead (Jack)
Film (Student)
Stay Positive
Carmen Pierce, Xingshu Yin, Shizheng Xu and Jason Kim
Boston University Production II
2017Lead (Ben)
Film (Student)
The Jump
Neslihan Şahinkaya
New England Institute of Art BFA Thesis
2017Lead (Simon)
Film (Student)
The Old College Try
Quentin Harrington and Teal Migliaccio
UMass Amherst Independent Study
2017Lead (Flint)
Film (Short)
Spaghetti Western Mass (winner of the Spring 2017 UMass 48-Hour Film Festival)
Vahid Samimi
UMass Amherst 48-Hour Film Festival
2017Lead (Struggling Film Student)
Film (Student)
Rodrigo Aguilar
Emerson College Directing Image and Sound
2017Lead (John)
Film (Short)
Witch Blood
Bailey Duarte
Backyard Productions in collaboration with Alien Being Media
2017Guest Star (Dr. M/"The Real" Gerry)
Online / Digital
The Weirdest Dream
Sarah Hernandez
UMass Amherst Advanced Television Production and Direction
2017Supporting (Dan)
Film (Student)
Good Intentions (screened at the 2017 Rhode Island International Film Festival, winner of the Best Ensemble Cast at the 2017 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival)
Jerry Ma
Rhode Island School of Design MFA Thesis
2012 - 2017Supporting (Alex Curran)
Film (Feature)
Stealth Edge
Derek Klanfer
Dark Rebel Films
2017Supporting ("Big Coke" Mike)
Film (Short)
Lasting Memory
Mark Haggett
Deadly Sins Productions
2017Supporting (Patron)
Stunt Doubles
Adam Kantor
UMass Amherst Student Production
Room 204 (Amherst, MA)
2016 - 2017Supporting (Marlon, Monster)
Film (Feature)
Ghosts vs. Monsters
Mike Goodreau
Curtain Call Pictures
2017Co-Star (Steve Curtis, Security Guard)
Online / Digital
The Last Mission
Amrow Hegazy
UMass Amherst Advanced Television Production and Direction
2017Recurring (Thiago)
Friends 4 Eva
Laura Pepper
Peppered Productions
2017Voice (Marty McFly, Doc Brown)
Film (Feature)
Crowdsourced Boston presents Back To the Future (Scene #9 ONLY)
Lynn Fay
Brookline Interactive Group
2016 - 2017Cameo (Party Goer)
Film (Student)
Offbeat (winner of the 2017 5-College Film Festival)
Alexander Refaein and Sophia Parella
UMass Amherst Independent Study
2017Featured (Young Cop)
Investigation Discovery's Guilty Rich
Leo Singer
CMJ Productions
2017Featured (Patron)
Not Your Average Joe's - Commercial
Rob Gotti and Jonathan Braga
Not Your Average Joe's
2017Featured (Patron)
Cambridge Savings Bank - 'We Do That' CommercialT.B.D.
2017Featured (College Graduate)
Rhode Island Commerce for Amazon
Rhode Island Commerce Corp.
2017Featured (Park Goer)
LEND Headphones - KickStarter Commercial
Sam Marquis
No Silence Media
2016 - 2017Extra (Young Juror)
Film (Feature)
Kathryn Bigelow
Annapurna Pictures, First Light Productions and Page 1
2016Lead (Mara's Boyfriend)
Film (Student)
Alberto Beto Chlimper
Bentley University Advanced Directing
2016Lead (Ricko California)
Film (Student)
Malakhai Pearson
Bentley University Advanced Directing
2016Lead (Boyfriend)
Film (Student)
The Loft
Paul Griffith IV
Boston University Basic Cinematography
2016Lead (Tom)
Film (Student)
The Date
Julia Summers
Emerson College Directing Image and Sound
2016Lead (John)
Film (Student)
The Escape
Michelle LaFrance
Emerson College Directing Image and Sound
2016Lead (Matt)
Behind CIosed Doors
Sasha Rivera and Anna Fox
A+B Theater Company
2016Lead (Chaz Adams)
Film (Short)
How You Know You're An International Student
Sashana Majeed
MarsMedia Productions
2016Lead (Rupert West)
Film (Student)
Rupert West, P.I.
Aaraf Afzal
Boston University Production I
2016Lead (Vik)
Film (Student)
Ashes To Ashes (based on the Joyce Carol Oates short story, "Fire")
Cheyenne Capri and Larianny Perez
Emerson College Advanced Cinematography and Videography Production
2016Lead (Jake)
Calm Down!
Zon Wylie
Hampshire College Division-III
2016Lead (Avon Barksdale)
Film (Student)
The Wire - Editing Project
Ben Haven Taylor
Tufts University Film-Media Production I
2016Lead (Adrian)
Film (Student)
Retracing Steps
Samantha Usher
UMass Amherst Program Processes In Television Production
2016Lead (Chris)
Film (Student)
Bad Joke
Freddy Dwyer
UMass Amherst Program Processes In Television Production
2016Lead (Gray)
Havana Salsa Studio's 'Judgement Free Zone' Commercial
Kristina Luchkiv and Sandra Manthorpe
Boston University Video in the Digital Age
2016Lead (Matt)
Film (Short)
The Ultimate Goal
Austin Arnold, Kate Murphy and William Kliskey
NESN's Next Producer Competition
2015 - 2016Lead (Fox)
Film (Student)
Can You Fly That Thing?
Matthew Fensore
Hampshire College Division-III
2016Supporting (Dr. Casanov)
Film (Student)
Macsonny Onyechefule
Northeastern University MFA Thesis
2016Supporting (Dad)
Like Snow In Summer
Brianne Zulkiewicz
A+B Theater Company
2016Supporting (Harvey Walloon)
Film (Short)
Election Day (screened at the 2016 Providence, RI 48-Hour Film Project)
Chris Dubey
Smoking Bottle Entertainment
2016Cameo (Joker Thug, GCPD Officer)
Film (Short)
Vacation Begins
Thomas Pimentel
TNT Limited Productions
2016Supporting (1969)
Online / Digital
New Year's Eve Party (screened at the January 2017 Rhodywood: Film Critique Night event)
Kody Fraser
This Is Entertainment
2016Supporting (School Shooter)
Emerson College's Campus Safety PSA
Joshua Waterman
Emerson Productions
2016Supporting (Denver Brennan)
Film (Student)
Severing Ties
Jordan Brown
UMass Amherst Advanced Video Production
2015 - 2016Cameo (CJ)
Film (Short)
Answer My Prayers (selected for the 2016 Boston Film Gala)
Vikram Joshi
Nevermind Films
2016Supporting (Myself)
Film (Student)
Skin & Bolts
Jordan Brown
UMass Amherst Advanced Video Production
2015 - 2016Extra (National Guardsman)
Film (Feature)
Ghostbusters: Answer the Call
Paul Feig
Village Roadshow Pictures, The Montecito Picture Company, Feigco Entertainment and Pascal Pictures
2015 - 2016Extra (1996 High School Student)
Film (Feature)
Central Intelligence
Rawson Marshall Thurber
RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Perfect World Pictures and Bluegrass Films
2015Lead (Jack)
Film (Student)
The Unremembered
Haley Bucelewicz and Jessica Kim
UMass Amherst Principles and Techniques of Film Style Production
2015Lead (Student)
Film (Short)
ATTENTION: An Exercise In Directing and Cinematography
Matthew Fensore
Fensore Films
2015Lead (Jay)
Film (Student)
The Haigis Moles
Jeremy Keys
UMass Amherst Film Club
2015Recurring (Various Monsters)
Koko Blayze: Undead Killer
Dave Zagorski
MAD Z Productions
2015Supporting (Mickey Henderson)
Film (Feature)
Scott O'Hern
Living Sound and Video
2015Supporting (Detective Starns)
Film (Student)
The Bellhop
Jared Torchetti
UMass Amherst Film Club
2015Voiceover (Player's Voice)
Jillian Canavan
Shanley Video Services (in partnership with Worcester Physical Therapy, Inc.)
2014Supporting (Sergeant Donovan)
Angela Fenton
UMass Amherst Student Production
Room 204 (Amherst, MA)
2013Lead (Austin)
Sam Shepard's True West
Julie Nelson
UMass Amherst Beginner's Voice
2012 - 2013Lead (Captor)
Film (Short)
Me and My Hostages
Benjamin M. Allotey
Wortown Films
2012 - 2013Extra (Student)
Film (Feature)
Grown Ups 2
Dennis Dugan
Happy Madison Productions
2012Lead (Knight)
The Freak
Karen Pierce
Smith College Directing Showcase
Mendenhall Center for the Performing Arts (Northampton, MA)
2012Lead (Leon)
Kent Broadhurst's The Eye of the Beholder
Michelle Hendrick
UMass Amherst Acting I
2012Featured (Fantasian Character)
DSK CHK | Fantazia - 'The Premier 360 Experience' Promo5th & Ocean Production and Mass EDMC
2011 - 2012Extra (Carnival MMA Attendee/UFC Fight Crowd Member)
Film (Feature)
Here Comes The Boom
Frank Coraci
Happy Madison Productions
2011Lead (Grouper)
Mark St. Germain's Out of Gas on Lover's Leap
Brianna Sloane
UMass Amherst Beginner's Technique in Performance
2011Supporting (Gurg)
Nerds of the Basement Table
Jay Fairfield
UMass Amherst Student Production
Room 204 (Amherst, MA)
2011Ensemble (Puppeteer)
Miguel Romero
UMass Amherst Mainstage
Curtain Theatre (Amherst, MA)
  • Education

    2017TheatreUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst

    Additional Skills

    Computer Programming, Directing, Editing, Videography, Photography, Grip, Sound

    Additional Information

    For my full profile, visit my Backstage account:

    There, you can see all my headshots, acting reels, printable resume and links to all the films I've acted in.

    Also, to keep up-to-date with my career...

    * Facebook:

    * Instagram: @TheChrisJFaria

    * Twitter:

    * YouTube:

    * YouTube (Vlogging Channel):

    About me

    Hi! I'm a recent undergrad, dual-degree graduate who pursued computer science and theatre, as well as a certificate in film studies. I have been acting since my freshmen year of college; however, I have heavily gone after film acting since the summer of 2015.

    Since that time, I have had the honor of being on so many talented student productions, not to mention a bunch of local independent films in the New England area. I have also directed a handful of my own short films and theatre productions. One of those shorts, called "Mirage", won the Fall 2016 48-Hour Film Festival at UMass Amherst. That film is currently being re-edited with the hopes of 2019 release online. Additionally, a student film I was a part of, entitled "Good Intentions" (and directed by Jerry Ma), won the Best Ensemble Cast at the 2017 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival. So, technically, I'm an award-winning actor; although, I don't like to brag about it, as I (hopefully) have a long career ahead of me.

    As an actor, director, editor, video-grapher, not to mention a computer programmer, I'm looking to be a part of anyone's amazing project that is waiting to be made!

  • Skills

    Accents (International)
    • Portuguese
    Accents (North American)
    • Boston
    • New England
    • Upper-Class Massachusetts
    Experienced In
    • Comedy
    • Commercials
    • Drama
    • Film (Professional)
    • Film (Student)
    • Presenting
    • Roleplay
    • TV
    • TV (Live)
    • Voice Over
    • Webseries/Internet
    • Workshops
    Hair Length
    • Short
    Interested in
    • Comedy
    • Commercials
    • Film (Professional)
    • Film (Student)
    • TV
    • Union jobs
    • Voice Over
    • Webseries/Internet
    • Workshops
    Languages Spoken
    • English
    • Portuguese
    Perform nude?
    • Only Professionally
    Skin Colour
    • White
    Stage Combat Skills
    • Yes
    Union Status
    • SAG-AFTRA Eligible (US)
    Native accent
    • English
    Character Types
    • Free-spirited
    • Geeky
    • Intellectual
    • Mischievous
    • Professional
    • Scruffy
    • Villainous
    • Wholesome
    Work Permit/Residency Status
    • I am a US citizen or Resident Alien.
    • Basketball
    • Bowling
    • Fishing
    • Frisbee
    • Golf
    • Martial Arts
    • Running
    • Soccer
    • Stage Combat
    • Swimming
    • Track and Field
    • Yoga