495 Production

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About Us
495 Productions is a reality TV production company located in Burbank, California.

We have available space within our post production building from now until May 1st 2010. We have offices and work spaces available for post. We can provide editing equipment and staff to help with overall post production work-flow should you need it.

Our space, equipment, and staff are all negotiable as we are very flexible to your needs. If you’re a smaller production and just want to use our systems or space and just need one station or room, that’s fine. If you’d like to use the entire space, and need all the systems and support staff, we can do that too.

Let us know what your needs are and we will work with you to satisfy a wide range of post production needs.

Available Equipment:
- Up to 10 Mac Avid Adrenalines w/ decks optional for input or output
- 1 Mac Avid Adrenaline with Digibeta & BetaSP Deck for outputs
- 10 Mac Media Composer
- Software only systems for producers or editors

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Alternative Company Names

  • 495 Productions
  • 495 production
  • 495