Find out more about the cast and crew that have worked with If you are interested in working with or similar companies, join The Mandy Network and get alerted of upcoming job opportunities. is an Internet provider of spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming. Audible sells digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspapers. On January 31, 2008 announced it would buy Audible for about $300M. The deal closed in March 2008 and Audible is now a subsidiary of Amazon. The company enjoys a near-monopoly in the commercial online digital download market for audiobooks.

Connected mandy members:

Cherry McIntosh
Voice Over: English
2022, The House of Life, All
Rebecca Courtney
Voice Over: English
Amil Dave
Director of Photography
2022, Promotional Commerials, Trailers, and BTS for Audible, Producer/Director/DP/Editor/
Kim Bretton
Voice Over: English
2022, Over 100 Audiobooks recorded and on Audible to date, Narrator and producer
Drama Simpson
Voice Over: American - Standard
2022, I've done over 30 audiobooks, Narrator
Max Hegewald
Voice Artist
2022, DER AUGENJ√ĄGER, main cast
Michael Taddeo
Production Manager
2022, Audible Originals, Producer
Jonathan Le Billon
Voice Over: English
2022, 'Fear: The Driving Force' - By Kevin Hicks, Narrator
Gary Appleton
Voice Over: English
2021, Zanzibar by Arabella Pascal (Audiobook), Narrator
Christopher Jamieson
Voice Over: English
2021, When Jesus Stole My Bread, Audiobook reader
Regina Walker
Voice Over: American - Standard
2021, What I Gained Through My Pain, Narrator
Alice Wallis
Voice Over: English
2021, Understanding Autism, Narrator
Anna Krippa
Voice Over: English
2021, Tsarina, voiceover
Paul Hilliar
Voice Over: English
2021, The Victorian Vampire, Narrator
Matt Addis
Voice Over: English
2021, The Oxford Union on Audible - Series I to IV, Presenter
Jerry Embree
Voice Over: American - Standard
2021, The Mailbox of The Kindred Spirit (written by L.B. Sedlacek), Narrator / Producer
Emma Stansfield
Voice Over: English
2021, The Lovely Miss Granzio By LeAnn L Morgan, Narrator
Cherry McIntosh
Voice Over: English
2021, The Little Exorcist by Alys Daddi, All
Vicki Davids
Voice Over: English
2021, The Infirmary, Natalie Ryan
Christopher Bonwell
Voice Over: English
2021, The Goldsmith and the Master Thief, Narrator Jobs

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