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Leftfield Pictures is a reality television powerhouse with hundreds of hours of cutting-edge and innovative unscripted programming, airing on various major networks. Our ratings-grabbing shows are rooted in strong storytelling and casting, and run the gamut from compelling character-driven pieces to laugh-out-loud comedies. Leftfield Pictures has pioneered a new standard of television: Delivering shows with both ‘laugh and learn’ elements that entertain and also inform the audience.

Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

2020, Alone ( Season 7 ), Assistant Editor
2019, Alone (Season 6), Edit Loader
2019, Alone, Post Production Assistant
Yasmine Holloway
Admin Assistant
2019, Alone, Edit Loader
Brian McNulty
Editor (Avid)
2018, Counting Cars, Editor
Nora Perez
Production Assistant
2018, Book of John Gray, Production Assistant
2018, Alone: Redemption (Season 5), Post Production Assistant
Emma Appel
Casting AP
2018, ALONE, Post-Production Assistant
Yasmine Holloway
Admin Assistant
2018, Alone, Post Production Assistant
Zack Boger
2017, Tiny House Nation, Editor
Allegra Sinclair
Art Director
2017, Tiny House Nation, Art Director
Teresa Cicala
2017, Tiny House Nation, Editor
Derik Boik
2017, The Book Of John Gray – OWN, Junior Story Producer
Kim Sorenson
2017, Pawn Stars: Season 14, Editor
Tracy Whittaker
Executive Producer
2017, Pawn Stars: Season 13 - History Channel, Executive Producer
Brian McNulty
Editor (Avid)
2017, Pawn Stars, Editor
Teresa Cicala
2017, Lone Star Flip, Editor
Chelsea Taylor
Post Production Co-ordinator
2017, Liquid Science, Post Production Coordinator
Amelia Cragle
Editor (Online)
2017, Alone, Real Housewives of NJ, Counting Cars, American Restoration, Killing Fields, Junior Online Editor
Daniel Barrack
Post Production Producer
2017, Alone, Pawn Stars, Forged in Fire, Story Producer

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