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The moment today becomes yesterday, it also becomes history. And the longer the story, the more to tell. 1927 marks the starting point of Volvo cars. Since then, a steady flow of Volvo models have left the different Volvo plants, making automotive history. All with their own story to tell. Volvo Cars Heritage is a site dedicated to these cars, to our company history and to the enthusiasts that help us keep the Volvo heritage alive.

Connected mandy members:

2019, Volvo Pen Portraits, Sophia
2019, Volvo Customer Services, Test Driver
Oliver Cody
2019, VOLVO, Main
2019, Volvo, Presenter
Wendy Wang
Voice Over: Chinese, Mandarin
2019, The Unpredictable Journey, Narrator
2019, The Birdman, Student
2018, Volvo XC40 With Care, Featured Extra
Ed Hawthorne
Voice Over: 6+ years
2018, Volvo training video, Voice over talent
Kate Whelan
Voice Over: English
2018, Volvo Servicing Video Narration, Voiceover
Sean Meyer
2018, Volvo Sales, Role play facilitator
2018, Volvo Ocean Race, Wisdom
2018, Volvo Car Commercial, Main Dancer
Stephanie Frazier-Roberts
Deputy Stage Manager
2018, Volvo Awards Night, Stage Manager / Host
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Stevie Frazier-Roberts
Production Assistant
2018, Volvo Awards Cardiff, Stage manager / Hos
Terra Babayeva
2017, Volvo, Second Lead Actor
Alexia Kombou
Voice Over: English
2017, Volvo, Voiceover
Alex Lacey
2017, Sales Roleplay for Volvo, Customer
Volvo UK HQ
Gabe Travis
2017, Lynk&Co., Featured
Adam Stachowski
Content Producer
2016, VOLVO VR, Producer
2016, Euro 2016, Supporter

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