All In The Valley

2014, 99 minutes

All in the Valley is an exciting new take on the classic Western. The film uses the common Western themes of migration, wilderness and lawlessness but but transplants them to Victorian Cornwall, a frontier just as exciting and wild as the Old West.

Joseph Ballam, a Crimean war veteran, returns home with no money, no job and no prospects. When Mr. Lincoln, a wealthy mine owner, offers him the chance to emigrate to the colony of Van Dieman’s Land it seems his troubles may be at an end, but there is a catch. In exchange for a new life Ballam must go deep into the Cornish countryside to hunt down the Tallack brothers, a dangerous gang of thieves, and return the money they have stolen from Lincoln’s company. Ballam is accompanied by Kneebone, a gruff miner who claims to know where the gang are heading. The bond between the pair grows as they track the men across the moor. However, when they finally come face to face with the brutality of the Tallack brothers Ballam must confront the violence of his past and decide what he is willing to do in exchange for a new life.

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James Cotter
James Tallack
Rory Wilton
Uther Tallack
Willian Kneebone
Mike Temple
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Simon Norman
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