2019, 17 minutes

Plagued with writer's block, a reluctant filmmaker must pitch the third installment to his hit film franchise, but as the ideas in his head battle for the spotlight, his mind and body run away with him... literally.

With the pressure of topping his sequel to the hit Pistolero series, writer/director Daniel Medford is struggling with the third installment of the franchise. Frustrated with his lack of inspiration, Daniel realizes that Pistolero as a character is dead. As Daniel deletes Pistolero from the script, the world disappears. Suddenly the other ideas he’s created in his head are finally free and fight to take the spotlight. While at a pitch meeting with Ari Mendehlsohn, the producer of the Pistolero films, the characters posses Daniel’s body, each speaking through him to pitch their own ideas. Confused and fed up, Ari ends the meeting walking Daniel out of his office. At the last minute, Daniel is struck with inspiration and sells Ari on a fresh take on the Pistolero character and franchise.

Connected mandy members:

Paul Rivet
Jacob Steiner