Flesh Of My Flesh

2020, 15 minutes

A psychological thriller following a brother and his little sister, during a global famine surviving on their isolated farm.

For approximately eight years the world has suffered an undefined environmental apocalypse that has resulted in a famine, due to the failing of most food crops. The cost of this vague plague has progressively rendered most species of animals extinct. As a result of the lack of resources and subsequent violence and chaos, the world's population has drastically decreased. The characters live on an isolated farm in the middle of the countryside. To survive and sustain the farm, Tom and Violet have constructed makeshift adaptations, such as a rain purification and collection system. With the lack of animals and crops, Tom must also find alternative ways to feed him and his little sister.

Connected mandy members:

Samuel Loane
Camera Operator
Assistant Lighting Designer
Fahmeeda Yasmin
Camera Assistant
1st AC (Focus Puller)
Rhianna Kingdon
Make-up Artist
Makeup Designer - Lead Makeup Artist
Katarzyna Ryszczuk
Production Assistant
Production Assistant