Hotel Hell

2016, 1 minutes

A group of friends are caught up In a Hotel Attack with hilarious consequences.

Ben Lettieri (The Liberator) and Daniel Cobb will star in this entertaining tongue in cheek action / horror tale of men battling against the other guests in their hotel, who have succumbed to demonic possession. Cain (Lettieri) and Bruce (Cobb) are criminals on the run after pulling a heist and need somewhere to lay low. They stop in at a remote hotel only to find amongst the other guests are a satanic cult hell bent on summoning the darkest evil powers to begin the apocalypse. Our unlikely heroes, intent only on escape, along with a dwindling ragtag of other assorted guests, must fight for their lives against a growing number of the murderous possessed, and just might save the world too if we’re lucky.

Connected mandy members:

Neil Wilson
Visual Effects Artist
Visual effects artist
David Freedman
Line Producer
Producer / 1st AD