Mensch Trump! / Human Trump!

2018, 43 minutes

A look at Trump’s first year in office.

ZDFzeit approaches the person behind the media façade: what drives Trump personally? Which people shaped him? What turning points has made him the man we know today - and equally irritating in Washington and internationally. A year after Donald Trump's victory in the elections: some people are still in a mood of optimism. For others, the term of office of the 45th US President is already too long. What remains of his full-bodied promise to make America "big again"? What did he achieve, where did he fail? And: What can be deduced from the experiences of the past year for the future? Around him, lobbyists, conspiracy theorists, evangelicals and ultra rights are bustling around. He rules via Twitter and with decrees. He reacts to criticism thin-skinned. He never sees the responsibility for political failures in himself.

Connected mandy members:

Ben Paul Morris
AD (1st)
Art Director/Production Coordinator