No Comment

2019, 15 minutes

An actor experiences a mental breakdown at a press junket when a journalist brings up unsavory details about his past.

No Comment begins with the actor Robert Grainger sitting in a purgatorial studio. He is the star of the billion-dollar Max Grey franchise, preparing for his 17th interview of the day. He’s exhausted. Homesick. Haunted by memories he wants to forget. A man on the brink of a full-out war on himself. Abigail Strauss runs into the studio and locks eyes with Robert. She’s been investigating the allegations towards Robert’s director involving his co-star Lyla Thompson. No confirmations. No answers. Abigail has five minutes to get an answer out of him. She pushes, and pushes. Until Robert explodes.

Connected mandy members:

Russell Goldman
Production Assistant
Writer, Director, Executive Producer