On The Brain

  • 2016 90 minutes

    A small town Sheriff discovers there is something wrong with the sleepy town of Golden Torch, and he quickly realizes he may not get out alive.

    The story focuses on a small-town Sheriff, Kelly Jarvis, who discovers something is wrong with the sleepy desert town of Golden Torch. After shooting a man in self-defense, the town begins to question his motives. With help from his lover and local Doctor, he fights to control the situation and the incumbent Mayor who wants to frame him for murder. Upon discovering a disease has infected the town, the Mayor leaves a trail of blood as she tries to clean up the situation. The Sheriff must fend off the Mayor as he deals with attacks. With a blood bath for a town, the Sheriff and the Doctor battle the Mayor to save the townsfolk from the infection before the Mayor slaughters them all.

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    • Goreella Media

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