2009, 20 minutes

Jessica's relationship with her new husband leads to a fateful outcome

Despite making it very clear to her daughter, Jessica Newman (Louise Michelle), and her future son-in-law, Tim Worth (Justin Courtney), that she does not approve of the impending marriage, Amanda Newman (Vicki Michelle) makes a last minute decision to attend their registry office wedding. However, Amanda's reason for attending the wedding is not to give the couple her belated blessing, but instead to make one last attempt at persuading her daughter not to marry her fiance. But despite all her best efforts, Jessica decides to go through with the wedding. Following the wedding it is left to a mutual friend of both mother and daughter, Melissa Watson (Emma Fletcher), to try and reconcile the two women. The task, however, proves fruitless and later, despite a desperate attempt by Jessica to solve the differences that exist between both her and her mother, Amanda literally closes the door on her relationship with her daughter. It is then that events take a turn for the worse in Jessica's relationship with her new husband which subsequently leads to a fateful outcome.

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