2018, 14 minutes

A black actor, tired of typecasting and stereotypical roles, decides to audition for a lucrative TV show in whiteface, but as the show becomes a hit, he must decide if fame is worth the price of his identity.

Andre Willis wants nothing more than to be taken seriously as an actor. There’s just one thing. He’s black and that’s all that the casting directors see. Sick and tired of stereotypical roles and typecasting in Hollywood, Andre decides to audition for a television remake of "Glengarry Glen Ross" in whiteface. After landing the role, the show becomes a sensation. But for Andre, the fame comes with a price. He feels that he is sacrificing his racial identity for a successful career. After witnessing a young fan mimic him, he can no longer mask the guilt and shame he feels. He walks away from the fame and fortune with the hopes of producing his own content.

Connected mandy members:

Lauren Duerfeldt
Camera Assistant
1st Assistant Camera
Paul Rivet
Assistant to Roger