The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man

2015, 90 minutes

A dark comedy set in a Downtown New York Theatre

Mr. Choade, the director of The House of Choade, a Grand Guignol theatre, has made an evil bargain with the Medicine Man, who has promised to help him make an artistic leap. A young girl, Linda, who has just been released from a mental hospital, gets a job performing at the House of Choade and becomes embroiled in these machinations. Linda's ex-girlfriend Roxy re-connects with her and attempts to save her. This film, a dark comedy by first time director James Habacker, was shot in Manhattan and features many luminaries from the downtown performance art scene centered around the Slipper Room.

Connected mandy members:

Jose del Carmen Martinez
James Griffiths
Best Boy Electric
Candace Henderson
Make-up Artist
Hair and Makeup Artist
Lighting Tech
Juanita Cardenas
Costume Designer
Set designer and builder (padded cell).
Cara Brennan
Cherry Poppers