The Elevator

2019, 90 minutes

After promising his daughter he'll leave work early to get home for her birthday, a dad realizes he can't keep that promise when he gets stuck in an elevator.

Roman Juniper (Eric Roberts) is a business man that provides a loving home for his family.However he's so wrapped up in work that sometimes he ignores his families attention. It's his daughter Payton's birthday, and she's upset that he's going into work instead of spending the whole day at home with her where they'll be throwing a party. Roman promises he will leave work early and return home to be with Payton, and that he has a special gift for her once he gets home. Unfortunately after a series of events, Roman ends up getting stuck in an elevator on his way out of the office. Back at home, his wife (Eugenia Kuzmina) and oldest son (Matt Rife) aren't able to get in touch with him, and worry as to his whereabouts. Michael attempts to escape the elevator so that he can make it home for his daughter's birthday as soon as possible.

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Eliyahu Cohen
Art Dept Assistant
Art Department Assistant
Mena Guy
2nd Assistant Camera
Tiffany Stoker
Production Designer
Production Designer/ Wardrobe Designer/ Prop Master
Michael Conroy
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Sameer Bhaya
Production Assistant
Michael Levinsohn
Sound Recordist / Mixer + Boom Op
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