The Inuring

2016, 10 minutes

An Anti-Bullying Short Film Drama

The story focuses on the strained relationship between the twenty-five-year-old Claudette, and her eighteen-year-old sister Aleisha. Despite living in a claustrophobic flat, the space between the two sisters has grown considerably since the death of their Father three years earlier. Barely able to maintain eye contact, their lives have veered in opposite directions. Claudette has become more aloof to the needs of her attention-seeking sister, and has little compassion left for her unwarranted outbursts. But unbeknown to Claudette, the mood swings of her sister have cause for concern. The subject of persistent violent bullying for the last three years, has forced Aleisha into a shell, and this film explores the breaking of that shell.

Connected mandy members:

James Hughes
Writer / Director
Anna Papa
Production Designer
Production Designer
Emily Haigh
Patricia Hetherington
Production Manager
1st AD
Emily Haigh
Producer, actress
Jackie Read
Camera Operator
Lighting Assistant
Lydia Ackland-Snow
Set Designer
Art Department Assistant