The Journey

2014, 112 minutes

When three men think they have lost everything, a journey to one country will heal them.

When a passing Samaritan, Ozzy (Jason Flemyng) stops a young man, Will (Marc Zammit) from trying to kill himself in London, he tells him a tale of two men he met while in Greece. Jason (Duncan Pow) and Hector (Dickon Tolson) who suffered their own loss, but found a way forward not only by facing their own demons but by inadvertently saving others in their quest to find answers. Ozzy recounts their tale taking Will and the audience on a journey to Greece. Through each character they encounter which includes a divorced British ex-pat (Lindsey Coulson – Eastenders) and a Mercenary (Mitchell Lewis – Rise of The Footsoldier) the stunning beauty of the island becomes a source of personal reconciliation as they attempt to come to terms with their own grief and loss. But is everything as it seems or are their greater forces at work guiding them on a journey they have yet to fully comprehend?

Connected mandy members:

Marc Zammit
Carmen Zografou
Koral Neil
Iride Budnikaite
Christine Nicklin-Rivett
Make-up Artist
Make-Up Department Head
Mark Jeavons
1st AC
Richard Roberts
Camera Operator (HD)
David Freedman
Line Producer
1st AD