The Odd Contraption of David Bardo

    • 2014 20 minutes

      The story of a man dealing with the loss of the American Dream, where his sense of perception of whats real and whats not is making him question his life while in the midst of creating something that will inevitably be able to set him free from his purgat

      David Bardo, a lost and lonesome soul, racked with fatigue and depression, spends his time locked away in his garage, relentlessly working on a secret project he builds to an unrequited ode of love. As his fastidious approach culminates into a darker and more manic overture. His outside work is rapidly declining, as he pulls further away from reality and into another. David seeks help through a shrink of whom works to get him through his depression and envision a new life for himself.

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    • Odd Contraption of David Bardo, the