Waking David

2016, 89 minutes

Scarlett tries to find about the family she didn't know she had.

Scarlett, a successful American health psychologist, passes through London for a conference. Yet her goal is to meet Amy, her hitherto unknown half-sister, and to find out about their father, David, who died 10 years earlier – and whom she’d never met. She spends the weekend with Amy and Amy’s mother, Julie. Scarlett soon finds that she is less than welcome in Julie’s household and that there is a wall of silence about David. Even so, during the course of the weekend, the relationship between Amy and Scarlett softens and they begin to accept each other. Amy starts to open up about David, revealing a caring father and husband. However, the same night, during dinner with the whole family, serious doubts are cast on the image of David that Amy had conveyed to Scarlett. As the evening progresses, Scarlett digs deeper. When the truth is finally revealed, it shatters the stability of the family, causing all of the family and Scarlett to reassess their relationship to one another.

Connected mandy members:

Riitta Hakkarainen
Production Designer
Production Designer
Marilena Parouti
Producer - Production Manager
Mark Katz
Shane Bruce
Michael F. Bates
Sound Editor
Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Designer