Do employers see ratings of applicants as basis for deciding whether to read applications and hear auditions?

Donald Deane
Voice Over: American - Standard

Many of my VO applications are never viewed by job posters even when submitted quickly after the job is posted, so the attached audition files are never listened to, and I’ve wondered why. Does Mandy assign applicants some kind of success score (e.g., ratio of bookings to applications) or evaluation score (assigned by prior actual or prospective clients) that subsequent prospective clients see to help them decide whether to read applications? If so, how are these scores determined, and what else do prospective clients see before viewing applications?

Editorial Comment Dear Donald,
Thank you for posting on the forum. When showing applicants to employers, we do not apply any kind of rating or scoring system.
Kind regards,
The Mandy Admin Team

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Adam Clark
Voice Over: English

Keep in mind also, that employers are posting their auditions on multiple sites. They might find the voice they are looking for somewhere else before they even get to the submissions from Mandy.

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I find this hard to believe also because I get plenty of work from other sites but NEVER from Mandy.

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