Staying Safe

Paul Laverack

Staying Safe

When auditioning for a part it doesn't do any harm to ensure your own safety and security. This is a very basic guide on things to consider.

While you may be eager to add credits to your CV and gain valuable experience as quickly as possible, there is nothing more important than ensuring your personal safety.

Whether it be an audition, a day of filming, a meeting with an agent or casting director or even a full blown tour there are several steps you can take to try and make sure that nothing untoward occurs.

If the casting call does not contain sufficient information, do get in touch to ask what questions you wish. You should never have to attend an audition without full and frank information. If this is not forthcoming, you may wish to take this as a warning sign. You may also want to look into the history of the company or director offering the audition. If you have an agent they may be able to give you some background on the company, or make enquiries on your behalf. Make your own enquiries too: a website, reviews, testimonials from actors etc can all be useful. Of course, some companies may not have any history or reputation and while the majority will be genuinely new on the scene, you may wish to take more care in these cases.

Before attending an audition you should make sure you have as much information as possible. Get a contact number and a full address for the audition. Let friends or family know where you're going.

The most important thing to remember is that you should always feel comfortable. If you wish, ask to bring a friend or partner to the audition. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, don't hesitate to call an end to the audition and diffuse the situation.

If nudity is required then privacy and a separate changing space or facility should be provided. Again, if you feel you are being asked to do something with which you are uncomfortable, then stop. Do no be pressured into a situation you feel is inappropriate. If nudity, including partial nudity, is going to form a part of the audition then it is good practice that this has been made to you beforehand, either in the initial casting notice or follow-up communications.

Similar handling should apply to jobs where stunts, stage fighting or other potentially dangerous pursuits are to be undertaken. An actor should be made aware of this prior to audition/rehearsals and appropriate safety precautions should be in place. If you are in any doubt and feel uncomfortable, you should refuse to go further until your mind can be set at rest. Remember, it is your safety that is of paramount importance.

If you have had a particularly bad experience, make sure you inform the union and your agent if applicable. If the casting was made through CCP we would also be keen to hear your experience so we can continue to protect our members.

As long as you are sensible and trust your common sense, you are unlikely to get into difficulty. The vast majority of castings will be safe, professional and enjoyable experiences.

Remember, you should never have to pay money to attend an audition. If you are asked to do this, please contact CCP. Further, you should never give up your money, time or any other resource without thinking very seriously about whether it is worth it.

Are you an agency? Do you involve yourselves in contract negotiation?
Casting Call Pro is not an agency, we don't negotiate contracts or collect fees. For advice in these matters please contact your agent or the union.

This guide is in development. We are always keen to expand and update information on the site, so if you have any tips you think we should include please let us know.

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Very good information. Thank you for putting this out there for us

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