T.R.Y.B.E. Casting call for final scenes

Hello to everyone!!!

I am persuing to end out the pilot to a series I am pitching to networks and festivals called T.R.Y.B.E.
If you don't know, here it is; after 5 years, Capt. Joshua 'Jack' Crane pulls together a team of 'special' Federal Agents with some 'dark' secrets of their own....as they protect the city....using their 'gifts' they have inside of them.

Have shot a large percentage of the project, as the sci-fi aspect of it has not yet been modified into the editing, it has already been and all lead roles have been cast, too. Being director, writer and a lead actor, I am persuing to finalize the piece and get it out into the public's eye, as soon as possible.

Have a 25 minute piece available to view;
search under toxic child and click on the blue banner with their name.

Near the middle of their page, you'll see the video for T.R.Y.B.E.

Send feedback as i would like to hear opinion on it, too.


William Ayers/S.T.A.G. Productions

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User Deleted
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Does sound interesting. Please advise if my talent would be of service to you. www.helenwheels.net/keithlopez

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Gene Costa

If you are still looking you can TRYME.


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