Fresh Voice, Ready to Act, and Looking for Tips!

Jenn DeCicco
Voice Over: American - Standard

Good day, fellow Voice Artists!

For years, I've aspired to be a voice actress, and I'm finally trying to take the steps into launching this career. I self-taught since I was perhaps 12 and discovered the beauty behind voice acting, taking every opportunity to watch the masters like Tara Strong and Grey Delisle-Griffin at work, delving into interviews with VAs for days, trying to mimic them to find and hone my own voice.

I took two semesters of acting classes in college to have someone coach me in the direction suitable for my voice, and I feel I'm more than ready to start turning my passion into a real career. I'm still trying to get myself off the ground, something I'm finding easier said than done when you've only got one small gig under your belt.

I'd like to know if any seasoned Voice Artists out there have any recommendations for where else I can apply my voice? Mandy is very promising, though I've not had any luck nailing a gig here just yet, and I've launched a Fiverr account, but I'm noticing Fiverr mostly relies on people finding an choosing you, not so much the other way around of finding an offer and applying.

Since I'm so fresh to the scene, any tips on getting myself out there, noticed, and considered for hire would be much appreciated.

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Robert Ramirez
Voice Over: American - Standard

Hey Jenn!

Your story is so similar to mine!! I think I've watched just about every YouTube interview, clip, and "how-to" they offer! :)

Personally, I only use Mandy. I've been a part of SO MANY other pay-to-play sites that I'm really over it. I don't necessarily mind that you have to pay, but it's the amount they want per year. And, if that weren't enough, those who are able to pay more, often get better "rankings" so their name pops up more often--regardless of their actual talent. Drives me bonkers sometimes!

I had a Fiverr account as well for a while, but I ended up getting off of it. My biggest issues were: Unrealistic turnaround time for a decent quality (quality service is worth more than just $5, you know), hard to earn consistent jobs, SUPER FAST deadlines, and lots of scammers.

Hope this helps!


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