Looking to start a community of collaborative multi-hyphenate film makers in LA

Joel Gutman
Sound Engineer

Hi, I'm a film maker in LA looking to meet some fellow creatives and potentially collaborate. I grew up in the DIY music scene of early 2000s Miami, and after three years of living in LA I'm looking for people who just wanna make stuff regardless of circumstances. I'm an audio engineer for Sony music and teach part time at an audio college for my day jobs, and I freelance for other studios as well as on set sound mixer/boom op. I came to LA to do more in the film world, and my hopes are to eventually write and direct a feature film. I have a few friends who I play music, make shorts and write stuff with and between the three of us we can do most of the crew work on a set. In fact my two friends work on commercial shoot crews doing camera op and grip, along with drone op for real estate agencies. I've been a professional audio engineer for 12 years and a drummer and guitar/bass player for just over 20. If anyone wants to meet up and grab some coffee and chat, I really miss being in a community of people that all work on great stuff autonomously and together. You help someone in an area they're weak and they'll do the same for you, we all win and we all expand our output.

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Hi I’m a Puertorican Actor/P/A living in Orange County, for sure I want to meet and collaborate. My email jleew@hotmail.com
My phone 714.307.9630

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Hello I'm a production assistant with a background in art department. I'm currently based in Burbank and would love to meet up and possibly collaborate on a project. My email is sashacummings154@gmail.com

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Newton Ward
Camera Operator

Hey! Im based in Hollywood and I've worked as a DP/ Camera operator/ Gaffer and all other roles in the cinematography department. I've worked with Hulu/Amazon/HBO/Travel channel etc and have made music videos, shows and films. I would love to collab in the future.
My contact info is (518)248-0409

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Rayne Kristine
Music Professional

I am looking to compose music for a film to get experience in film composition. I think that's the area of music I'd like to concentrate on. I'm in Louisiana, but I'd love to chat about an upcoming project and possibly meet up under the right circumstances. My email is raynelkris@gmail.com

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Jason Rafael
Camera Assistant

Hi! My name is Jason Rafael. I work as an AC in the industry. Mostly 2nd (fully confident in my skills in that area), but also as a 1st (typically on lower budget productions, as I'm still learning). I love working on shorts and features. I also work on music videos, commercials, documentaries. I would love to collab with you guys. You can reach me at (818) 399-9072 and jason@stillsbyjay.com

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Jeff Merritt

Hello, my name is Jeff Merritt and I am an editor and colorist working freelance in Hollywood. I have worked professionally for over 25 years as an editor and just over 10 as a colorist. My true passion is narrative and live music.

Take a look at my new color reel:


Jeff Merritt

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Stephen Folker

Hi - nice to connect. I'm an all-in-one filmmaker / aka work solo. Just wrapped another feature film. Do this for myself and others. Always looking to work with new people!

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Isaiah Salery

Hey, I'm a Cinematographer with 7 years of experience. I also have experience in editing. I am always up for networking and collaborating with other creatives.
Filmmaking is my passion and I try to portray that through my work.

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Stephen Folker

For anyone interested in doing some online networking / RSVP below:


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Comfort Within Noise
Music Professional

I’m a music producer, composer, sound designer among many other skills. My passion is creating music that supports a visual. I’m looking to collaborate with artists and film makers. Send me a message if interested to work together. I’ll be happy to send some of my work to you upon request.

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