FREE EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR PROJECT!! and DP to the rescue here!!

Diego Torroija
Director of Photography

My Name is Diego T. award wining Local DP, Big promotion for short film and independent projects. All equipment for free until the end of the year!!. Camera, Lenses, Wireless monitors, steady camera, wireless follow focus, Drones

Please e-mail me with your project details and contact info, I'll call you back in less than 24 Hrs.

I am a freelance cinematographer and Drone Pilot with an FAA 107 Certificate. I own Lots of gear to shoot a film. I would love to learn more about you and your current projects as I look into best ways to contribute. If you want to hire me as DP my reel is here

Drone Reel:

Over the past 15 years I worked with many brands like Intel, Honda, Puma, Kia, Kawasaki, Orbitz, Holiday Inn, Staples, Clairol, Rooms To Go and many more.

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