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Zanin Lindsay


My name is Zanin Lindsay and I'm a Cinematographer and 1st AC/Focus Puller based in NYC. I wanted to quickly introduce myself on the forum since I'm new to Mandy. My network has been somewhat dismantled by the pandemic; many of my frequent collaborators have switched careers into something more stable, so I'm interested in meeting new people to create with. I would love to get to know everyone on Mandy and hear about your recent or upcoming projects.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Hello all I’m brand new to Mandy and the industry . My personality makes most strangers I meet say “Jo, have you ever considered acting”? At 47 I’m hoping to figure out how so I thought you must start at crew level and see how this magical place actually works. I stumbled upon Mandy while searching for jobs needing non paid extras . I’m basically trying to find a needle in a haystack considering talented people can’t find work so what chance do I have? Well as I say and believe where there is will there is a way and if you enjoy and remember the lesson you learned on the way.

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I know you posted months ago but I'm just entering the industry myself. I'm a script writer and later this year I'll be directing and producing my first short. I recently joined Mandy after a friend of mine suggested I look for work here. The pandemic has hampered things for the indie film industry, so I can relate to you. I'm trying to make the best of it though and I'm treading cautiously.

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Christopher Burke
Camera Assistant

Hey All! I am new to Mandy and am sort of a new cinematographer. I have been the DP for a few short films and skits and have my own gear (Sony FS7+Camera rig and Lighting). If there is a cinematographer that doesn't mind having an apprentice following them around I would love to learn more!

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Jim Armstrong
Aerial Camera Specialist

Zanin - I totally get where you are coming from. I'm a drone pilot and every company I worked with in 2019 and early 2020 has gone out of business due to the pandemic. Rebuilding is hard. I've personally pivoted to color grading as a business offering. Best of luck in your future efforts!

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Dennis Aguilar

Hi all,

I hope this message finds you all well. My name is Dennis Aguilar. I recently started to work back in the industry after a couple of years away from it.

Most recently I was a Unit Production Manager on an indie feature film, a Production Coordinator on another feature film, and also an Associate Producer on Netflix’s “Love is Blind.” I have a decade in the business in many different areas (tv/film, live events, and music), as well as corporate experience outside the industry. I’m really trying to remain in roles that will continue developing my skillset as a go-to producer.

My résumé is on my profile. If you know of any project that needs people, let me know or don’t hesitate to pass my info along. I’d greatly appreciate it.

Would love to connect and chat sometime to continue building my professional network. Thank you so much for your time.

Dennis Aguilar
Freelance Producer
(773) 807-0780
[email protected]

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