Building crews from scratch during hard times

John Human

We all know how hard it has been to work on sets during this pandemic. The reality is that, it may not get any easier. We really need to come together as a production community and get involved with those who share the same interest.
I try to help students that are looking to gain experience. I say to them; "You need to begin stacking those call sheets, you need to get involved, meet new people, and just get out there an help, because those people will later come and help you on your projects".
Building relationships in the business is extremely important. I'm very new to mandy and I usually handling my social networking on other sites. That wasn't working. I really just want to stick to people that love this business. I'm going to give mandy a shot. I hope I can build good relationships and even crews here. Let's see what happens.
I've been working on my own for a while and I know how challenging the industry is. But, believe me the ride is much easier when you expand your network and build a good reputation working with people you grow to love.

So chase your dreams... And do some work!
It keeps you mind busy too!


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Bobbie Dyce
Broadcast Engineer

Hello John,
I agree with you, relationships are important. This is an encouraging post. THANKS!
Where are you? I'm in Atlanta. It is always a grind but I'll keep moving forward until the DREAM is alive.
I've started color grading about a year ago. I am always looking to improve my craft. Maybe we can have a conversation? I'd like to know your opinion. It seems like there's a need for affordable colorist in the indie world.
How can I build my client base? As a Director what are you suggestions?

Thank you
1 Accord Media

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John Human

Hi Bobbie,

Thanks for connecting, I'm located in Miami, FL. work is slowly picking up, but we have to push on our end in order to make things happen. I strongly believe you're on the right track. Having your certification and your DaVinci Resolve certification as a Colorist, already puts you in a really good position.
Now, I noticed you haven't posted any of your work. Get it out, even if it's just a couple of jobs. Let people see what you are capable of. All Colorist are not created equal, and attention to detail and consistency in the coloring world is key. It takes a sharp eye to really have a great correction and grade on your work. Like in the editing world, an unnoticeable work of magic is always a job well done.

Expand your portfolio. Do a couple free gigs. Make sure they are different types or genres, so you can show your range. Music Videos, Short films, and Social Media content can get your name and work out there.

I hope this helps,

I usually attend the Film Gear Expo in Atlanta, I hope they bring it back this year.
If so I really recommend it. It's fun a great for networking.

Keep in touch


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Lawrence Degala

I do much of my networking on Zoom and Clubhouse. Two years before the lockdown, I've loaded up on freelance work up and down the West Coast. During the lockdown, I found time to write five feature-length screenplays in various genres and won almost a dozen Best Screenplay Awards. My latest one is the Europa Prize at the L.A. Sci-Fi & Horror Film Festival this July. It is no easy task to win international screenplay competitions, but I'm knocking home runs one after the other. And I've got three manga series in the works to boot (I used to design outdoor billboard advertising in Las Vegas during the 1990s).
Da Vinci Resolve and Fairlight is a great combination. I cobbled a ten-core beast to do editorial, but with the lockdown, I've been inking manga panels instead. Much of my work is on Instagram @larry.degala

Be well, everyone!
Larry DeGala

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John Human

Hi Larry,

Thank you for connecting and congratulations on your achievements! Where can we see or read some of your work? I visited your IG, kudos on you work! You did mention you have a Ww2 feature screenplay in the works are you submitting that one to festivals also? Keep it up!

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David Eric Rubalcava
Video Editor

@John Human that’s exactly how I jumped from Retail store manager into the film industry. Simply starting helping on as many projects as possible. Feels good to chase my passion and meet so many amazing talented people along the way. Surrounding myself with like-minded people was a game changer. Finally found my home on set!

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John Human


So cool brother! I'm happy to hear your success. I always stress the saying: Do what you love and you will never have to work again! Thanks for commenting.

Stay safe, stay connected.


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Lawrence Degala

@John Human, I just won the 2021 All Genre Screenplay Contest. The festival published my award-winning feature screenplay "All My Shades of Blue" complete with ISDN number. Consider the small cost as treating me to a cup of coffee. You will not be disappointed with the dark Sci-Fi feature! Enjoy!
(two weeks ago, the screenplay won in the Pacific Northwest for Best Dark Drama Feature Screenplay)

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Micahaela Samuels
Production Assistant

Agree with you a hundred percent .. all the best

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Michael Rudolph
Director of Photography

Director Of Photography local to Upstate NY
I have over a decade of experience shooting short films, music videos and weddings. I would love to connect with more filmmakers and take on projects. I also specialize dramatic portraiture and am obsessed with lighting.
Check out my work on my website.

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Jared Anderson
Sound Editor

Hello, I'm Jared, I'm a Sound Editor/Designer, I've been working in L.A for about a year now, being a Sound Effects Editor for numerous feature films and streaming series on streaming channels such as BET+ and TUBI, and prior to that I work on numerous short films at my alma mater Full Sail University. If you would like to connect and talk about the sound of your project and how I can help improve it, feel free to message me.

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