New to Seattle - Cinematographer Looking to Network!

Ethan Casner

What's up all. My name's Ethan and i'm a Cinematographer who until recently was based outside of Portland, OR. As of today I now reside in the "even-more-northwesterly" town of Seattle, WA. Where I know literally not one soul XD
New area = New opportunity though.. right?
Anyhoo, being new in the area I'm hoping to start making new connections; finding out who else in the area is into filmmaking, would like to be, or were perhaps just interested in exchanging details, talking shop, etc?
Other filmmakers, writers, actors/actresses/talent, costume and makeup, basically anyone either "in the industry" or "wants to be"; I'm looking forward to getting to know as many as possible and their own career goals and projects.
Just drop me a line or chime in here if you feel like announcing yourself!

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John Rainwaters

Welcome to Seattle. You're already accustomed to the PNW so I'll spare you the clich├ęs. Best of luck in your new adventures.

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C Cannon Rosenau

Welcome to Portland's not so distant cousin! I am not in Seattle (moved east to Idaho), but grew up in the area and my dad is still an active Seafair Pirate there ;) I'm not sure if this would be a good resource for you, but maybe connect with some people from the Northwest Screenwriters Guild as they do lots of table reads and may need your services!

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Jean Chaumont

Hey Ethan!
Welcome to Seattle! I'm kind of new around as well. I arrived in NE Seattle just in time for the pandemic lol.
I'm a French American composer. I've worked mostly on french projects remotely though I'm super interested in meeting folks in the industry right here.

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Hey Ethan! I'm not in Seattle, I'm actually an italian composer now based in France, but if you ever need a composer feel free to check out my past works:


Speak soon!


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Charlie Lenny
Make-up Artist

Hey Ethan! I'm from Seattle, currently in Los Angeles as a Hair and Makeup Artist. If you ever need an HMUA feel free to hit me up and I'd love to fly back and work with you!

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Apoorv Arora


I am a Producer/Creative producer and the founder of Apoorv Arora Films based in Los Angeles. We work with a team of producers, directors, and cinematographers, and together we have produced films, music videos, and commercials. We have produced over 40 music videos with over 400 Million views on Youtube and TV promos for Disney's Frozen 2.

Anyone who wants to get in touch,
Email me at: [email protected]

Apoorv Arora
Film Producer

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