Posting audio clips with Private setting?

Donald Deane
Voice Over: American - Standard

For voice actors, Mandy allows posting clips in one's profile as either Public or Private. What's the benefit of posting a clip as Private so that others can't see/hear it?

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Douglas Lloyd
Voice Over: American - Standard


All of my auditions that I upload are initially stored as private and if I have a good one or I have permission from the casting group to list a demo that I might have nailed, I may move it to public.

I may be wrong, but the way I use my public files are a good place for my demos naturally, but I also look to move my best quality work in different categories into that public setting. As time moves on and if something is no longer reflective of where I think my skills are, I'll move it to private.

I do like to go over my private files since it's a nice place to review my auditions as I have done them over time, see what's working...what's improved or if my overall recording quality has improved or developed any issues I might not have noticed while getting an audition ready.


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