Slim To Zero Audio Post-Production Opportunities Lately

Nicholas Karlin
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My name is Nick and I'm a freelance re-recording mixer from the Washington DC area with over a decade of experience working in broadcast television and film. I've had a couple great mixing jobs from Mandy in the past. But it seems like the opportunities have drastically reduced over the last year or so. Is the same thing happening industry wide or just on this service? I know a few of my clients closed shop during the writers strike and maybe I'm still experiencing the ripple effects. Or are producers and editors starting to fully commit to relying on AI tools? It just seems like there hasn't been a resurgence for audio post requests and I'm genuinely concerned about the future of this profession.

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Hey Nicholas,

I own a small audio production and post studio. I have also experienced exactly what you're talking about. I figured things would pick up once the strikes cooled off but seems its taking folks a little longer to get back on their feet?
AI is an interesting thought... I'm not sure where AI tools for sound design sit at this point, but I'm not sure any are reliable enough yet to handle more than laying in a bed of music and generating and AI voice. Which is perfect for corporate videos. Have you seen any AI programs that are able to actually cut a scene effectively? You do pose a good question though; once AI is able to sound design a complex scene, what happens to us? And how far down the line is that? 6-months? a year? 3 years?
Even if AI does get to that point, I'm not sure it means we all jump ship. Our skillset in that case moves from a position of technical expertise, to the position of an artisan or craftsman and I do still believe our services will be marketable to the right client.

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