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Branden Smith

Hey y'all,

I recently moved to DC from LA and am looking to meet some fellow filmmakers & crew in the area.

For my quick intro, I've been Producing Video, Theatre, and Live events for the past 15+ years, and most recently worked at BuzzFeed for 9 years as an Executive Producer where I oversaw over 500+ productions. I'm looking to get back into Freelance as a Producer / Director, but also have tons of practical experience running Camera, Video Editing, Audio editing, and Color work .

If you live in DC too and see this I'd love to hear about you and get to know ya, I encourage ya to send your intro along in this thread!

- Branden

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Lydelle Jackson

Hey Branden,

Great to meet ya! So glad you made your post!

I, too, recently moved to the DMV area from LA. In my case, I'm in Stafford, VA. I inherited a few acres and have been out here since 2020 turning the land around with my brothers -- flying out to LA (North Hollywood) regularly to work/hustle and visit my girlfriend, lol.

Anyways, I'm an independent filmmaker (writer, director, producer) with two feature films under my belt, as well as, a docu-series, and a few short films, web series, music videos, etc. I also work on the side as an illustrator, designer, and storyboard artist.

I'm a WGAW Associate Member and currently I'm in the beginning stages of putting together my next feature, a comedy/fantasy -- my biggest project to date and my debut as a solo director... I'd previously been one half of a writing-directing team for the past 16 years -- since I started out in the game, really... So, I'm learning now to stand on my own two feet. :)

I'm looking to make acquaintances with the local filmmaking community and I'm always happy to explore any possibilities whether it be for work, congregation, or collaboration.

You can check out my website at: https://www.lydelle-jackson.com

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Darrell Ayer

I moved to the DMV area (Reston, VA) from NYC this winter. I am Cinematographer on mostly smaller production Music Videos, Web-Series, and Shorts. I've been shooting for a decade on these smaller side projects and looking to getting into bigger work. I also have bit of an interest and have been trying out shooting practical effects work as well.

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