Cortlin Barrow | Cinematography Reel

Cortlin Barrow
Director of Photography

Hello Everyone,

My name is Cortlin Barrow a Los Angeles-based cinematographer who enjoys humanistic cinema that deals with the struggles of everyday people. I am currently looking for directors and producers who are interested in telling the same stories in similar genres like thrillers, romance, mystery, drama, crime, horror, and sci-fi. Please email me if you're interested in chatting looking forward to hear from you.



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Hey Cortlin! I am a fellow cinematographer trying to get more work probably like you. I just checked out your vimeo. I am impressed with your filming and lighting! Looks amazing! I am in Ohio, so we may not ever cross paths, but you are someone I would love to work with based on what I see. Your shots are next level. I hope you are getting plenty of work in the industry because you should with those skills. I have to up my game now.

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