Tried to infuse more personality into my director's reel, how'd I do?

Alexander Lucarini
Creative Director


Ayo! My name is Alex but you can call my content MNDLSS. I am a freelance creative who is new to Mandy & wanted to share my latest reel. I am responsible for all aspects of the content shown in the reel (Directing, Editing, Shooting)

Through the years I have always tried to develop new ways to showcase my work. This year, I intertwined old VHS home movies that my mom took of me over the years to infuse a bit of personality into the piece. I tried to keep it as tight as possible at a little over a minute, showcasing some of my favorite works over the last couple of years.

Currently, I am a freelance director, editor, & creative based in Brooklyn, New York. I take on a lot of corporate work, but in my spare time, I direct & edit my own content. I like to mix a lot of mediums & always try to stay creatively sharp!

If you are ever looking to connect or chat you can reach me by email, Also please feel free to check out my website Cheers, all!

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