Cinematographer Here.

Touch Blevins

Hi Everyone. I hope to make some good connections, I have a lot of experience with my camera car setup.
Please check out my reel.

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Nicole Zatkowski

Hello! My name is Nicole Zatkowski and I am a DP based in ATL, GA! If you’d like to collaborate or just need an assistant camera, please reach out! Here is where my website where you can find my work and resume. Thank you!

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Donavan Clark

Director here looking to collaborate with awesome producers and cinematographers. I love putting together sci-fi, thriller projects. My short film "Project Wednesday" has won a variety of awards and my Sci-Fi/Dance hybrid Savage X Fenty project is getting nothing but praise online. Hope to put my skills to good use this year and make more amazing connections!

Check out my reel below

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Marques McPeck
Video Editor

Editor here looking to break into narrative, I'd love to work with you all on projects, I need to form some good connections. I also have a lot of experience with cameras, and I'm a graphic designer, so I can be a multifaceted help.

Here's my portfolio

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Morvarid Reyes Talebzadeh

Hi Everyone. I hope to make some good connections this new cycle, I have a lot of experience as DP and Focus Puller, I'd like to collaborate or just need an assistant camera, please reach out!
Please check out my reel.
and my website to see my jobs:

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Issiah Terry
Camera Operator

Hi everyone I am a DP/Camera Op based in Atlanta, GA. I have a lot of experience as a camera operator. Please reach out of you need any assisstance.
My website:

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Robert Macias
Camera Operator

Hi everyone! I'm DP/Camera Op with producer experience. I have over 15 years of working in many aspects of production. I love to learn and share my knowledge and collaborate beyond the camera.

Demo -
Thanks for looking!

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Stephen St.Peter


My name is Stephen St. Peter I'm DP based in Los Angeles, grew up in Norway.
I graduated from the The American Film Institute in 2014.
Have experience lot of experience features and narrative, let me know if you want to collaborate!


Narrative Reel:

Commercial Reel


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Alan Yammin


My name is Alan Yammin and I'm a Cinematographer based in Chicago.
Graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Cinematography.
I have experience shooting narrative films as well as commercial projects. Please feel free to watch my narrative cinematography reel on my profile.
Always a pleasure to connect!

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"Lance" Haoyuan Li

My name is Lance Li, I'm based in LA.
I graduated from the cinematography MFA program at Chapman University.
I mainly shoot narrative films and have recently finished DP an indie feature film. Looking forward to working on more jobs!

My website:

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Matthew Ramirez
Video Editor

Hey, Y'all!
I'm an Editor based in New York looking to get back into the industry.
I have 7 + years of experience in post-production. I use Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Audition.
Because of my hiatus, I'm mainly looking for quick projects to update my reel.
I hope to hear from you!

- Matthew

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User Deleted
This profile has been archived

Hi there,
I’m a cinematographer and camera operator based in London. I have an ARRI Alexa XT with some accessories and I'm ready to shoot. I've shot a dozen of short films and music videos over the last few years. Here's my latest showreel:
Gimme a shout if you would like to collaborate!
Julian Schmidt

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James Ethan Sullivan
Director of Photography (DOP)

Hi everyone! I'm a cinematographer and camera operator based in New York City. I am a Red Komodo and BMPCC6k Pro owner.

Working as a DoP is one of the greatest joys of my life. It has not been an easy road, but one I would take over, and over again. Filmmaking is not for the faint of heart. It takes every fragment of passion you have. So, you better stay passionate, inspired, and full of curiosity. Most people will tell you to grow up, but I think the trick to life is to see the world as a child. Full of wonder!

What inspires me are new ideas and unexplored stories. I like to approach each project with fresh eyes to dream and visually create a unique world for the story.

Cinematography Reel

I hope you've seen something that's inspired you today. Feel free to get in touch with using the info below.

PHONEL: 774-766-7962

Let's create something together!
James Ethan Sullivan

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Apoorv Arora


I am a Producer/Creative producer and the founder of Apoorv Arora Films based in Los Angeles. We work with a team of producers, directors, and cinematographers, and together we have produced films, music videos, and commercials. We have produced over 40 music videos with over 400 Million views on Youtube and TV promos for Disney's Frozen 2.

Anyone who wants to get in touch,
Email me at:

Apoorv Arora
Film Producer

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