New filmmaker looking to break into the industry!

John Hanninen
Video Editor

Hello! My name is John Hanninen and I'm a beginner filmmaker from Alabama looking to make connections in the film industry! There's not a ton of opportunities where I'm from so I figured I'd get my name out there for anyone who wants to network! I'll post the link to the short film I wrote, directed, and co-edited for my senior thesis in college so everyone sees what I can do!

Real Friends is the story of Andrew, a college kid with no friends, who finally meets one online but his stern father doesn’t understand it so he tries to ruin it.


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Apoorv Arora


I am a Producer/Creative producer and the founder of Apoorv Arora Films based in Los Angeles. We work with a team of producers, directors, and cinematographers, and together we have produced films, music videos, and commercials. We have produced over 40 music videos with over 400 Million views on Youtube and TV promos for Disney's Frozen 2.

Anyone who wants to get in touch,
Email me at: [email protected]

Apoorv Arora
Film Producer

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