New York Screenwriter

Matthew Hogan

Hello my name is Matthew Hogan and I'm a screenwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. I'am recent graduate of Brooklyn College with a Bachelors of Fine Arts for Creative Writing. I write contemporary scripts focused on grounded characters but not always grounded situations. I work to keep the genre fluid where it can serve the story and the characters instead of limiting the narrative. I have recently submitted an adaptation for an independent film which is currently in pre-production.

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Stephen Olson
Theatre Professional

Hello Matthew, good to meet you. I am in Connecticut. I have been more successful with theatre plays but have also written screenplays. I have collected some video equipment and will be starting some projects soon. I am open to collaboration if you are interested in working on future projects.

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Michael Yurinko

Hi Matthew,
I'm an independent filmmaker in NJ. Nice to meet you.

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