Making Career-Boosting Content During the Pandemic

As our industry wrestles with an unprecedented climate that has dramatically changed the ways in which creative professionals work, filmmakers and actors are seeking ways in which we can make the most of this period. While many productions, festivals and movie theatres may have temporarily closed their doors, this does not mean we cannot stay connected with our fantastic industry and produce compelling content.

2020 has shaped our industry more than any other event and it has also shifted gears dramatically for the ways in which audiences consume content. With that being said, we are diving into how creatives can make the most of lockdown and create gripping work that boosts their profile and can send their careers soaring.

It’s all in a script

Every great story came from a (somewhat) simple idea. If you are between work or are now finding yourself with less distractions, then now is the perfect time to revisit that idea that has been living on your creative to-do list. If not now, when? Having a strong script, short story or treatment can be the key to binding together a would-be project. The ultimate creative task, much inspiration can be drawn from the lived experiences you, your family, figures in the public eye and more may have undergone.

Consider your bubble

Huge productions require huge crews and smaller independent projects can be created from a smaller team of professionals. Your lockdown idea may not live to be a big-budget, high-octane blockbuster, but what it can be is a compelling story that is built around strong storytelling and intimate cinematography.

  • Isolating by yourself? Having an iPhone and basic editing software can allow you to wear multiple production hats.
  • Isolating within a small bubble? If these individuals are not professionals, don’t let this deter you. With your movie-making know-how, they can tackle certain production responsibilities and help your project greatly.
  • Access to a socially distanced crew? Great! There are lots of creative professionals out there looking to work on indie projects right now. As long as your production is COVID-compliant and follows the governmental guidance in your location, your skeleton crew could be your saviour. Find out more about how your set can be COVID-compliant here.

The Davids, not the Goliaths

This year has put a halt to huge productions from top filmmakers, but the emerging professionals and small, independent filmmakers are really having their time to shine. With many TV shows, films and documentaries created under COVID-restrictions gaining success, this period is a great opportunity for the Davids. TV networks, distribution channels and streaming services are already offering a platform to strong content that has been created during lockdown. The sky is your limit and if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that reality knows no bounds and your project could be your shining light from this year.

Embrace digital avenues

Unsurprisingly, social media companies have reported an increase in engagement from users in 2020. Audiences are consuming content in dramatically different ways now and many creative professionals are using this to their advantage.

Actors are getting cast from their content on social media platforms, such as TikTok (find out more about that here), filmmakers are revelling in the creativity and accessibility of posting content online and uploading bite-sized projects, ongoing series and more on social media and entertainers across all specialisms are finding success through this path. From TikTok to YouTube and Instagram to Vimeo, these free platforms are at your fingertips and ready for you to make waves (find out more about boosting your social media profile as an actor hereas a film & TV professional here and as a theatre professional here).

If you are looking to hire actors, crew or more for your project, you can post a job for free and browse our directory of talented professionals here. If you are looking for work, then you can create a Mandy account for free and browse our Jobs Directory here.