TV Presenter Showreels

With more and more actors joining our Presenting Getting the right help and advice is very difficult. So we asked TV Producers with over 17 years experience and MD's of The Presenter Studio, a TV Presenter Training Co in London, what you really need to do. Here's what they had to say:

The main trap people fall into when putting together a TV Presenter Showreel is 'pretending to be a TV Presenter'.

You can find thousands of the same kind of showreels out there with aspiring presenters all doing false links, putting on weird 'presenter voices'. Whilst these are nice things to show your friends and family it's unlikely they will get you work in mainstream TV.

THINK ABOUT YOURSELF AS A PERSONALITY NOT AS A TV PRESENTER. A Producer hires you because they want you to help bring their show to life. And this is down to your personality.

THINK ABOUT THE MARKET YOU ARE GOING FOR. You need to narrow down your options, rather than try and put together a showreel that features everything from news to childrens. So if you want to present entertainment shows make sure your reel reflects this.

WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT? Producers want to know who you are and your reel should explain this. So think about who you are, what makes you different and what type of programmes this works for.

LESS IS MORE. Keep it short. Make it easy to watch. And try to keep it shorter than 3 mins 30 seconds.

BE YOURSELF. It's you that a producer is buying. So be yourself. But also think which aspects of my personality make me different and think of ways in which you can reflect this with footage in your reel.

Content curtesy of The Presenter Studio.

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