How to find crew for a film

Finding a crew for a film may seem hard and stressful thinking about it but really it’s not as bad as you think. It is something you are able to do I guarantee you, In a filming production filming you would need a camera man, actors, director, extras, runners etc. What I would do is create an ad that has information about your film and the roles needed for your production. Publish your ad in places like castingcallpro, talent circle,, and social networks such as facebook and twitter. These will help you have a crew in no time. Also word of mouth helps, tell family and friends about your project and help needed. I enjoy filming short films and getting a small group together and this is how I find a crew. I make sure to plan out for example I created a short film and needed an editor, camera man, DOP, actors, extras, makeup artists. I posted an ad for auditions for actors to be part of my short film and looked through social networks of people who had experience in production and films. I also had friends who wanted to help and also knew people who would be great in the production. I did a meeting and gathered everyone together so that everyone got to know each other and spoke about what they will bring to the table. Networking is a great way to also gather a team for a production. I got to meet great people in university and other work I did and kept contact because I know I will need these people in the future. Planning and knowing what you are looking for and where, will get you a nice group ready for you to start your pre production so good luck and hope this helped.