How to get started in acting

Getting Started

everybody acts in normal life without noticing they doing it. Find that when you try to act you loose the realistic of the part. For ex sample if doing a drunk you see people over do it and looks rubbish a drunk try to balance and not go from side to side.

need to do as much acting as possible like local events and contact agents and apply to as many roles as you got to be able to take rejection as you may get 1 out of 50 . not anything you doing wrong the casting director will already have an image and style in mind so you never know.

Have a good resume and good show-wheel. apply to various TV company's.

I started by stopping an advert in local paper for community project. then I went along and became a assistance directer, the Film was called a Fate worse then Death. did this and got what you call the acting bug. went to college and done performing arts. then university to do video production. I apply to Yorkshire TV Studios in Leeds and after a couple of applies over two years I became one of the Heartbeat Locals for the ten years before the show came DE commissioned. had an agent too and done several extras in various shows, even took crime watch and worked free. as all goes on your profile. now I do every Halloween an event called Scream factory. which is done in woods and keep your acting skills a live when nothing coming your way as only ever around 10% of actor are in work at once. that why you have to be able to take knocks and never give in as the stronger will you have the more chance of success, in the times no acting comes along I have a trade that I did before acting which I always doing is catering . which keeps money coming in when there no acting work available.

Did local panto and have some great fun even without wages. As you get some great laughs and working with some fellow want to be actor's and you pick things up from everybody every day. played in the panto and they was some great things to takeaway with you.

my things I tell myself as follows
1) Nothing venture nothing gained.
2) everybody acts.
3) apply to as many auditions as possible.
4) Can't sing but still try as you have to come out of the comforts zones to improve.

some things to think about when out and about to help improve the acting skills.

out walking your dog stop in a park with a small river or steam flowing though lay on the grass and close your eyes as if you a blind person. relax and you pick up sounds you don't hear in normal walking though a park or dean. you hear the water trickling over any stones in water. and all the sounds of nature and passersby talking. so the blind gain more hearing to replace there sight.

I played a blind man in the book called the Eclipse for my training at college. and got a merit in the exam.

when trying to play a drunk go back to your vision of watching them coming out of a public house and mirror there movements, it not just going from side to side as any normal person things or falling down. they don't fall often as they seem to manage unless they totally gone then they collapse and fall asleep.

so when out and about just keep observing people on how they walk and etc as you may need to recall it sometime.