How can I move from Mandy Talent to Mandy Actors?

Mandy Talent is our specialist site for extras, models and early-career actors. 

To qualify for membership on Mandy Actors, you must:

  • have completed full time training at a recognised drama school; and/or
  • have graduated from a BA, Post Graduate or Masters degree in Acting; and/or
  • be a current student at a recognised drama school; and/or
  • have at least one professional speaking credit (not a walk on, model or extra role) in a feature film, short film, theatre production or commercial

You must also have a professional actor's headshot on your profile.

To be categorised as "professional", an image must:

  • be taken by a photographer with adequate expertise and training
  • be of high quality – with no pixilation
  • be an original (not a photo of a photo!)
  • not be a holiday snap or selfie

To be categorised as "a headshot", an image must:

  • be free from hats, sunglasses and props
  • show minimum shadows
  • depict the face, neck, hair and shoulders – and no more!
  • have a neutral background that doesn't distract
  • be in focus

Here are some examples: 

Ready to move?

Once your profile fulfils our minimum requirements, please drop us an email so we can look into moving your profile. Please include:

  • The name you use on Mandy Supporting Artists
  • A link to your profile
  • Your membership number
  • 2-3 links, pieces of footage, references or IMdB pages that verify your credits

Please send all request to [email protected], with the title "T2A Application". All requests that don't follow these instructions will experience delays.

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