How can I preview and submit applications?

Say goodbye to those 'eeek' moments! The Mandy Network allows candidates to PREVIEW APPLICATION before sending them, helping you to make the best first impression on employers.

When applying for a job you'll see a cover letter box, and drop down menu where you can attach/upload a file to your application. At the foot of this page, click the 'Preview application' button to progress with your application.

On the next page, a preview screen, you'll see details of the job for which you're applying, followed by a draft application.

We recommend checking the following sections carefully:

    1) Your cover letter - ensure you've not missed out any key information, and do those essential spelling and grammar checks. 
    2) Attached files - if the Employer has asked you to include a file with your application check you've done so. Is it definitely the file you wanted to attach?

If you're happy with your application you then need to press 'send application' otherwise it will not be submitted.

If you need to make any changes you can click 'edit preview' to go back to the application screen. The system will save any text you had previously entered. Make your changes and press 'preview application' again to take you to the PREVIEW screen again.

If you're happy with your application you then need to press 'send application' otherwise it will not be sent.

So in short:

    1) Enter your cover letter and attach any files as usual 
    2) Press 'preview application' to check your application 
    3) Make any changes via 'edit preview' 
    4) Press 'send application' to submit your application to the Employer

Best of luck!

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