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California | Music Video
Paying up to: USD 1500 flat rate
Seeking a choreographer for sequences with 12 background dancers and musicians arranged on platforms along a cyc-wall in a "retro-pop vibes" music video.
Dates & Locations:
Shooting May 8 in Los Angeles. Note: This will be a one-day shoot.
Posted 3rd Apr 2024
Pennsylvania | Feature Film
Paying up to: USD 200 - 250 daily
Casting "Fake Out Fray 2 - Phantom Phase," a SF indie feature.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots September-December in Pennsylvania, PA.
California | Gigs
Paying up to: USD 30 hourly
Seeking talent to take part in a research project for the Prevention Research Center. Company states: "Research project funded by the National Institutes of Health examining the efficacy of safe server training. Actors will portray intoxicated patrons at establishments serving alcohol. Please note this is not a sting operation and is strictly for research and data analysis purposes. There is no on-camera component (video or photography) to this p...
Dates & Locations:
Runs May 16-June 8 (Thu.-Sat., evenings only) in the San Francisco Bay area, CA.
Posted 2nd Apr 2024
Michigan | Product Demo / Explainer Video
Paying up to: USD 45 - 100 daily
Seeking talent to answer customer submitted questions with scripted responses.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots April 26 remotely.
Posted 29th Mar 2024
Texas | Live Performing Arts
Paying up to: USD 10 - 19 hourly
Seeking enthusiastic, dedicated, and hard-working individuals to become ambassadors for SeaWorld San Antonio, bringing joy, excitement, and lasting memories to people from around the world.

Open roles include those for Dancers, Actors, Costumed Characters, Graphic Designer, and Theatrical Tech Jobs.

Dates & Locations:
Works at SeaWorld San Antonio in Texas.
Posted 26th Mar 2024
Product Demo / Explainer Video
Paying up to: USD 30 - 50 flat rate
Seeking middle-aged talent who can create content for a pillow that helps with neck pain.
Dates & Locations:
Records remotely.
Posted 25th Mar 2024
California | Musical
Paying up to: USD 100 flat rate
Seeking theater actors for "Better off with You", a 30-minute musical that will be at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June 2024.
In this musical dramedy, two adult siblings push the responsibility of caring for their aging mother onto each other
Dates & Locations:
June 2024. Hollywood CA.
United States | Social Media Ad
Paying up to: USD 300 flat rate
Casting a social media ad. Production states: "Seeking two actors to portray a couple in a POV-style video where the man is frustrated that he often gets rejected for sex from his girlfriend/wife. Therefore he started keeping a spreadsheet of how many times in a month they have sex compared to the amount of times he offers it. He then decides to take matters in his own hands, orders the female libido bundle and exchanges the bottles for a vitamin...
Dates & Locations:
Shoots remotely.
Posted 20th Mar 2024
New York | Short Film
Paying up to: USD 187 daily
Casting "The Sheep," a short film about the inner conflicts within an Asian American church revolving around a prophecy.
Dates & Locations:
9/16 - 20/24 (Tenitive Dates). NYC.
Posted 20th Mar 2024
Short Film
Paying up to: USD 1000 flat rate
Casting "Love Twisted," a short film that follows James, a charming con artist who preys on wealthy women. His latest target, Victoria, seems like the perfect mark. However, as their relationship progresses, James finds himself genuinely falling for Victoria. Just as he plans to make a clean getaway with her fortune, an unexpected visitor, Natalia, arrives at his apartment, threatening to expose his deceptive schemes.

Director's vision: "Love...
Dates & Locations:
Shoots mid-May in the US.