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best smartphone video camera iphone android htc sony samsung

11th December 2017

Editing on the go used to be the stuff of dreams, but as smartphone and tablet screens get bigger an...

How ​to keep your voice

7th December 2017

SINGING or projecting on stage full time can put a huge strain on your vocal chords thanks...

social media tips facebook twitter instagram linkedin

7th December 2017

SOCIAL media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn can be brilliant too...

How to recover from a bad audition acting tips actor casting film tv movie

2nd December 2017

Just came out of a bad audition? Mandy News has a few home truths that could save you from despair a...

writing home screenwriting tv film theatre tips

2nd December 2017

Writing from home can be a freeing experience – sometimes too freeing.

How to stay motivated

29th November 2017

Had a bad audition? Not getting any? Mandy News offers up some solutions to help you deal...

How to Audition

28th November 2017

If you've never passed an acting audition then Mandy News may be able to help as we talk you through...

Dancer diet dancing tips

22nd November 2017

The secret to enjoying an incredible dancing career isn't just dancing – eating right is just as imp...

Buying film kit for your production company advice

15th November 2017

Filmmakers everywhere are asking themselves whether they should invest in production and post-produc...

How to find acting roles

29th October 2017

There are hundreds of thousands of acting roles filled each year in film, TV, theatre prod...

How to dance for life

29th October 2017

Dancing for a living is not only fiercely competitive but can take its toll physically over the year...

Directing actors for film

29th October 2017

Directing actors comes naturally to some but if you've ever struggled to get what you want out of yo...

How to avoid dance injuries

29th October 2017

Dance injuries can, at best, see performers drop out of shows and, at worst, end careers – but...

Grammy award-winning music producer Neal Pogue

29th October 2017

Neal Pogue is a Grammy award-winning mix engineer and master producer who has worked on song sa...

How to get music gigs

29th October 2017

Playing successful live shows is the secret to every musician's career development – but h...