Looking for work as 1st AD or 1st AC and foucs puller

My name is Jonas (Zijian) Wang, as director, AD, PD, AC, I have more than five years of crew experience in China. In the US I worked on one TV show (Last Gasp) as 1st AC/ focus puller and also some low budget movies as 1st AD and AC.  As of 1st AD, participated in the discussion of the shot List, and then helped the director to organize the shooting plan.  As an AC, I am very good at focusing, and also can help operating cameras and set up equipment. I got my master’s degree in film from CCA (California College of Arts) in the US.

I’ve been studying film since 2016 where I obtained my BA in Film with a focus in directing from Beijing Film Academy. While in school I’ve gained experience in the film process from start to finish, directing many short films. Most recently my Thesis Film, “Is The Orange Sour or Sweet?” has won a few film festival awards. Some of my skills include: directing, shot design, set design, camera/equipment operating, pre-production, editing. My father is a filmmaker so I have experience on professional sets along with my own projects.

This is the link to my resume where you can find more details of my experience.:

Also the link to my thesis film:

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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