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Hi, My name is Alex. I am new here on Mandy. I am a writer/director by trade but have worked almost every position on set. As a producer/line producer/PM/ 1st AD I was mentored by the best, David Starke and Josh Mclaughlin at 20th Century fox (Disney) during my days as a PA, 2nd 2nd, and Production Coordinator. My experience in VFX began 5 years ago as a VFX PA on the movie Predator. You can see my VFX work on my website. David Starke helped me go on to create my production company Pineapple Pictures. Like most Writer/Directors I am self taught. I'll let you be the judge of my work which also can be found on my website. I am available for hire freelance as a Writer, director, Producer, Line producer/PM, 1st AD, Director of Photography, 1st AC, and most things post related including VFX producer, editor, and color. Anything I cannot handle personally my company is capable of sourcing production for from our contact list. Please check out my work on my website https://www.pineapplepicturesinc.com/. Let me know if there is anything I or my company can be of help with. We are always looking to add talented contacts to our roster and rosters that would be good for us to be on.

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