How are our Jobs Approved?

The safety of our members and the relationships we have built with our talented community is at the heart of what we do. We post over 100,000 jobs per year and each one is vetted by an experienced member of the Mandy team.

Your dedicated team of industry professionals

As the number of jobs on The Mandy Network has grown, so has the team working behind the scenes, allowing us to stay on top of member safety. Our Administration team manually verify every headshot, vet every single job submitted to our platform and offer exceptional customer support. 

These guys are the unsung heroes of the Mandy family. We have a strict set of guidelines for employers submitting job listings, and if it does not meet our standards it will simply not be posted. Here is a quick insight into some of the guidelines that we adhere to:

  • Employer verification - to ensure employers are traceable and accountable, we request information about them, removing those who do not adhere to our policies.
  • Pay - for a listing to be considered a ‘paid job’, it must meet government salary rates, otherwise it will be considered an Opportunity (low/no pay listings).
  • Expenses - travel and accommodation must be covered if a position requires a member to go abroad. For unpaid work, travel expenses must be reimbursed.
  • Nudity - unpaid nudity is never permitted and we require all aspects of the work to be made transparent by the employer, explaining why it is needed.
  • Auditioning - employers are encouraged to request candidates’ existing show/voice reels when applying for a job, rather than requiring bespoke work for the listing.
  • NSPCCChild protection - we take child protection issues extremely seriously - every member of our Administration team has completed NSPCC's child protection and safeguarding training.

We need your help

One of the best things about The Mandy Network is that we’re a community. Together we are all working to make the entertainment sector stronger and more accessible.

We are careful to review every job and forum message posted, but if you spot anything that you believe to be inappropriate, please:

  • Report it to us. If you see a job that you believe is unsuitable, please let us know by reporting it. Email us at with the following details:
    1. The job title
    2. The URL
    3. Your concern with the listing

We urge our members to stay safe. No matter who the job or audition is with or what it is for, we want you to be safe. Take a look at our Guides on staying safe (while these Guides are for actors, the fundamental principles apply for all opportunities across the creative industries):

Our Technical team are always looking for ways to improve our members’ safety and our website, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know!

If you want to receive any more information about how our jobs are approved, get in touch!