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"The past few years have seen unparalleled growth in output across the entire entertainment sector as our burgeoning ‘experience economy’ has driven an insatiable appetite for entertainment content. Whether you’re an actor, musician or voice-over artist, a budding director, stage-hand or technical engineer, in theory these should be halcyon days for the entertainment sector. And yet, for the majority of talent within this vast industry, the day-to-day experience is not one of boundless opportunity. Rather, it is one of compromise, one of scraping by, one of taking the shortest of short-term gigs for little to no remuneration, save for the prospect of an extra line on the resume." – Philip Large, CEO of the Mandy Network

The Mandy Network has conducted a broad study into the average salaries of entertainment professionals in the UK. In October 2018, we carried out a survey of over 3,000 members of the Mandy Network: actors, film crew, theatre professionals, voiceover artists, child actors, singers, dancers, music professionals and extras. The aim of this research is to shed light on how entertainment professionals are affected by issues of fair pay and equal opportunity within the entertainment industry.

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Key Findings

63% of entertainment professionals earn less than £5,000 per year.
28% of all respondents have not had an entertainment job last longer than one week.
51% of respondents undertake at least one unpaid job/internship per year.
66% of talent have at least one additional job; 25% have two or more additional jobs. 
63% of women in the industry suffer from mental health issues (anxiety, stress, depression).
1 in 5 have not had a paid job in the past 6 months.
69% say social networks have been helpful for securing entertainment industry work.

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