Headshots Policy Mandy Kids

A professional headshot is one of the criteria for being a member of Mandy Kids. 

This is used to ensure that all Mandy Kids profiles are meeting the industry standards. It means that there is consistency between Mandy Kids applications, which casting directors and employers find useful when browsing through our directory of actors or while reviewing submissions. 

Your profile will not go live without a professional looking headshot set as the default image.

Mandy Kids follows the acting industry standards which define a professional headshot as:

  • Recent and natural - you must look like you! 
  • Well lit, good range (best between 4 and 8 different pictures).
  • Face, neck and a bit of the shoulders showing. No full body shots! 
  • No makeup, hats, sunglass, props or heavy photoshop edits. 
  • No names or contact details on the photo, no school patches showing on the uniform.
  • Minimal shadows only, no distracting backgrounds or logos, no hands covering your face. 
  • No holiday snaps, selfies, Snapchat or Instagram filters!
  • Your image must be at least 350x438 pixels (10x8).

Your profile will not go live without a professional headshot approved as the default image on your profile, however you can upload other extra images a Premium Member

Remember, poor quality photos will reflect badly on your casting applications!